More with the Narrator who voices Obi

I’m so used to the gang of guys, all that banter, the buzzing razors. It’s strange in here when it’s empty, I wonder if it will feel different between us? I usually play it a bit coy, but it’s low stakes when there are lots of people round.
I’ve never done anything like this before. 24 hours ago he was just my coworker, but now I’m standing in my pajamas outside his hotel door.
Relax at the salon with Kem from “Close Shave”. While he gives you a massage, he'll transport you into a dreamy sensual fantasy.
We’d talked for hours over the past two days of the train ride. But now we sat silent in the observation car, looking out the windows instead of at each other. But when I finally glanced up…he was watching me.
I grabbed his hand, his palm soft in mine, and led him back to my room. He touched me softly, like his hands were asking each part of me a different question. And my body answered yes again and again.
I wasn't expecting Milo at Michelle's engagement party. It had been years since our breakup, but when I saw him my breath caught in my chest. And when we went back to his place and he pulled out a blindfold I was just as surprised.
Andrew from “Wanderlust” practices his chess game while you’re both cozy by the library fire. He tucks you in as rain falls gently outside.
Being back in Cambridge made me nostalgic for my university days, and seeing Andrew again only intensified the memories. I hadn't seen him since he was my TA, but all those old feelings were still there.
You're in bed with Andrew from "Wanderlust," and he had a dream you surprised him in the library. Before you get too far, he takes control of the situation and has a little surprise of his own...
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