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Jamie J. LeClaire|2020.09.17

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Chances are when you were growing up, your sex ed wasn’t great. Most sexuality education, to this day, centers straight, cisgender, able-bodied people and stresses abstinence. Abstinence-focused sex education not only completely disregards the topic of pleasure, it’s actually not effective, and may cause more harm than good. When we receive sex education that's only focus is STI and pregnancy prevention rather than pleasure, or even harm reduction, it’s almost always rooted in fear and shame. We’re taught to fear these things, rather than navigate them, and to feel ashamed about our natural sexual desires.

It’s no wonder there are so many sex podcasts and that so many people listen! If you find the right ones, podcasts can be an incredible educational resource for just about anything, including sex, sexual health, dating, and intimacy. So we’ve gone ahead and rounded up our favorite sex ed podcasts for you to binge and share with others!

Sex Ed In Color

Hosted by Cameron Glover, sex ed business coach and certified sexuality educator, Sex Ed in Color is a look into the work of sex education as a person of color. Cameron interviews other brilliant changemakers in the field, like sexual trauma specialist Jimanekia Eborn, Melissa Carnegey of Sex Positive Families, and bisexual icon Gabrielle Alexa.

Episode Spotlight: Talk To The Babies with Sex Positive Families

Sex Positive Families

Sex Positive Families The Podcast invites sex-positive experts and professions to share knowledge and guidance to aid in sexual health and body awareness talks within families. Hosted by Melissa Pintor Carnagey, social worker, sex educator, and founder, the podcast explores themes such as trans and queer youth, STI stigma, boundaries, faith, and more.

Melissa is a sex ed whisperer and whether you plan to have kids or not, you are sure to gain so much from listening to this podcast.

Episode Spotlight: Shaking STI Stigma with Courtney Brame

The Dildorks

The Dildorks is a 60-minute conversation between best friends, sex bloggers, and self-proclaimed “sex nerds” Kate Sloan and Bex Caputo. They discuss anything from how ADHD can affect your sex life to long-distance relationships and breakups, to skype sex tips. They combine their personal experiences and expertise to make this podcast such an informative, light-hearted, and interesting listen.

Episode spotlight: Dating Is Grating

Queer Sex Ed

Hosted by Jay and Sara, Queer Sex Ed discusses inclusive sex education while centering the trans and gender diverse narrative. They talk kink, boundaries, butt stuff, navigating dating apps, body changes, dysphoria, and more!

They also discuss transgender legislation, policy, and healthcare, and other political topics as they relate to sexual health and body autonomy. Jay and Sara break down long or complex topics like the history of trans medicine, the trans military ban, and abortion laws thoroughly while making them interesting and easy to comprehend. They also offer transcripts on all their episodes — bonus points for accessibility!

Episode spotlight: Building Trans Justice Into Sex Ed

Gender Reveal

Tuck Woodstock, podcaster, writer, and host, started Gender Reveal after their own experiences in the cisgender-saturated podcast universe with a goal of creating a queer and trans community for those who don’t have or who weren’t sure about their sexuality or gender.

They have a diverse record of trans, nonbinary, and intersex guests and hope through their podcast and conversations to dispel the myth that trans or nonbinary identity is a monolithic experience. The podcast also serves as a larger educational resource for cisgender allies with their ongoing Gender 101 series where they respond to listener questions.

Tuck hopes that people will walk away from the podcast with a broader understanding of gender for both others and themselves.

Episode spotlight: Episode 48 With Trans Journalist Katelyn Burns


On Bedside, host Tatiana features intimate interviews and insights into modern-day sexual wellness and pleasure. The podcast aims to dispel taboos and change prevailing shame-based narratives when it comes to sex, intimacy, and wellness while providing illuminating discussions around safer, informed, and positive sexual and erotic experiences. They dive into topics like intimacy in isolation, pelvic health, birth control, queer history, sexual authenticity and so much more!

Episode spotlight: The Language of Your Desire With Sex Therapist Carli Blau

Sex With Emily

Sex educator supreme, Dr. Emily, has been hosting Sex With Emily for over 15 years! That’s hundreds and hundreds of episodes chock full of incredible sex education content and conversations with guests ranging from sex columnist Dan Savage and adult film star Joanna Angel to WWE Superstar Chris Jericho and comedian Erik Griffin.

She has covered just about every single sex, dating, and relationship topic you can possibly think of at least once (and probably twice!),so if you’re looking to learn more about something in particular, give the podcast a search.

Episode spotlight: Relax, It's Just Anal with Dr. Hernando Chaves

Next time you’re driving, doing laundry, or cooking dinner, make use of that time, and pop on one of these podcasts! Results may include: a better sex life, a healthier relationship with your self, and new perspectives into sex and gender!

Listen to any of these on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else you listen to podcasts. And remember, if you like the podcast, be sure to show your support by subscribing and leaving a review!


Jamie J. LeClaire (they/them) is a sexuality educator, freelance writer, and consultant. Their work focuses on the intersections of pleasure-positive sexual health, queer and transgender/gender-nonconforming identity, body politics, and social justice. You can find more of their work at their website, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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