After Hours

Willow is nannying for Teddy’s family when she catches feelings. Explore her story in episode 1 and his in episode 2.

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Ch. 1: Working Overtime
13 min | 49,005 plays
I’d been working for Teddy for a few months, but we only ever chatted when his kids weren’t around. He was always buttoned up around me, maybe even a little guarded. I secretly wanted to know what he was really like, but I never actually thought I’d get the chance…
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Ch. 2: Starting a New Position
12 min | 32,910 plays
I went back and forth on if I should go. Willow had invited me to her art show, but she was my kid’s nanny. I couldn’t have feelings for her…right?
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Ch. 3: Resisting Temptation
6 min | 20,346 plays
I invited Willow on this trip before we'd hooked up. I thought we could keep things casual. But now that she's here, I don't know if I can resist...
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Teddy from "After Hours" had a dream you showed up at his office with a little surprise...
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