More Like Charlotte + You: A Moment Alone

You and your friend are hanging out, and the mood shifts. You’re feeling closer than usual, and she confesses that she’s had a crush on you forever.
Your best friend has something she has to tell you, but she’s a little nervous. She doesn’t want to ruin a good thing but…maybe a good thing can be an even better thing.
A fae breaks into the prison where you’re being held captive by an enemy fae. She guides you through the magical forces meant to keep you prisoner, then urges you to take up arms with her.
You had a feeling, but you were never really sure until now. Your friend finally confesses that she has a crush on you, and she wants to know if you like her too.
Your girlfriend likes to do “the knee thing” when you’re making out because she knows it drives you wild.
Your personal trainer, can't stop thinking about you. After your session together, she fantasizes about you in the locker room.
Your boss knows she shouldn't be thinking of you, but she can't help it. When she has a moment alone, she fantasizes about you in her office.
Artemis from “Goddess of the Hunt” knows it is against her own oath to fantasize about you. But when she’s overcome with lust, she steals away to a secret shrine so she can think of you in secret.
Persephone from "Forbidden Fruit" is overcome with a powerful fantasy of Hades. She finds a lush spot in the valley and lays down to touch herself.
You sent your girlfriend a sexy picture and she looks at it while touching herself.
Your roommate doesn’t want you to know how much she fantasizes about you. But when she’s alone in the shower, she lets her fantasies run wild.
She just woke up from a dream about you and she’s so turned on. Her roommates are home... so she's trying her best to stay quiet while she touches herself.
You can’t sleep, so your girlfriend makes up a story and tells it to you as you drift off.
You run into Caitlin from “Familiar Face” at a cozy bar in Dublin. And as the night gets late, and tensions run high, the truth of her feelings for you finally come to the surface.
You and your girlfriend get ready to go to a big event.
Your girlfriend knows all about your praise kink.
Juliette from “The Ticket” invites you to meet at her favorite library in London. But only if you can promise to stay quiet.
Your girlfriend loves teasing you, and she knows exactly how to bring you right to the edge… again and again and again.
Your girlfriend wants to worship every inch of your body.
Your girlfriend has this one move she does that drives you absolutely wild—and she knows it. Let her remind you just how much you love it.
After sleeping in and cuddling all morning, you and your girlfriend have slow, passionate sex. [Sleepy] [Penetration] [Listener Orgasm] [Speaker Orgasm] [Pleasure Sounds] [Good Girl] [Double Ended Dildo] [Massage] [Body Appreciation]
You’re feeling down, so your girlfriend cancels your plans for the evening and takes care of you. [No Sex] [Affirmational] [Girlfriend Roleplay] [Sweet] [Let Me Take Care Of You]
Your girlfriend gently guides you through a meditation about self-love and compassion.
You and your girlfriend have been dating for awhile now, but you still give her butterflies.
Your french tutor is working alone when she has a daydream about you and she can't help but touch herself.
After a rooftop movie screening, you ride the elevator downstairs with Kit from “The Tradition.” When the doors close, the two of you finally get to act on the tension that’s been heating up all night…
Your girlfriend elevates your hips to hit that perfect spot…
Your girlfriend is in the mood to make you work for it. She knows exactly what to say to bring you close to the edge, then she makes you beg while she draws it out.
You're dating someone new and she invites you over for dinner. She cooks you something delicious and tells you how she feels about you.
Your girlfriend surprises you in the morning with breakfast in bed, and then she plans the perfect lazy day together.
You just finished having sex with your girlfriend and now it’s time for aftercare. She gets you some water and a snack and lovingly cuddles you.
Your girlfriend brings you breakfast in bed.
Your girlfriend calls just to hear your voice.
Your girlfriend planned the perfect date night.
Your girlfriend comes home from band practice and is practically buzzing with excitement. As you catch up at the end of the day, she excitedly tells you all about her music.
You’ve been working nonstop lately and you could really use a break. Your girlfriend notices and helps you unwind.
You’re having trouble sleeping, so your girlfriend gently rubs your back the way you like and tells you a story to help you drift off.
You're patiently waiting for your girlfriend in bed, but when she finally shows up she wants to make you wait for it. She slowly turns you on, and has you touch yourself, before she finally gives you what you want.
Your girlfriend brought that strap-on you’ve been eyeing…
Your girlfriend talks you all the way to the finish…
You’re cooling off in the ocean with Juliette from “The Ticket.” She pulls you out into the waves and you hook up dangerously close to shore.
You and your girlfriend return home from a night out. She jokingly confronts you about flirting with someone else, and then she reminds you that you’re all hers.
You go down on your girlfriend and she loves it so much that she showers you with praise.
Your girlfriend calls just to hear your voice.
You’ve been home alone while your girlfriend was away on a trip. When she comes home late at night, she crawls into bed and wants to show you just how much she missed you.
Your girlfriend loves using her strap on, and you do too.
Your girlfriend tells you exactly what to do to feel good.
Your girlfriend needs to taste you…now. And she wants you to be on top so you can use her for your pleasure. She knows exactly what to say so that you don’t worry about a thing.
Rachel from “Under Construction” is closing up the bar but can’t wait to get you home. She locks the door, and reveals she brought one of her tools with her.
Zoe from "Homecoming" invites you over to her place. She's had a crush on you forever and is excited to have a moment alone. She takes her time with you, guiding you every step of the way.
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